In Eastern Montana we take the concept of Independence very seriously.  Many of our families ended up settling here because they had the tenacity to tough it out when others didn’t.  We value the independent spirit and the freedoms that we are able to enjoy in this country thanks to the sacrifices of so many.  Did you know that Mid-Rivers offers discounts on phone and Internet services to ALL veterans and active duty military?  We would love the chance to honor our heroes with a small token of our appreciation – all you have to do is contact us and we’ll get the You Matter discount applied to your account.

Cooperatives like Mid-Rivers embody the independent spirit.  We are here today because our founding members built their own telephone network from the ground up when the large phone companies wouldn’t do it.  We are still democratically controlled and owned 100% by our members.  Learn more about the values of doing business with independent cooperatives in this short video.

All of us at Mid-Rivers would like to wish our members, customers, and potential customers a Happy Independence Day as we approach the upcoming 4th of July celebrations.  Stay safe, and practice fire safety in these extremely dry conditions.  Here’s hoping that some rain will finally figure out how to hit the ground again out here very soon.


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