To insure compliance with the latest version of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Open Internet Transparency Rules that become effective on June 11, we have updated the Open Internet Disclosure statement on our website.  Our new statement begins with this important opening:

“While the legal requirements for an ‘Open Internet’ may change, our commitment to providing quality services at affordable rates, and to bringing broadband to as many members as we can, remain consistent.  Our greatest system of checks and balances and consumer protections is our Cooperative structure of democratic control by the members.  We are here to serve you, not to profit by blocking you from accessing the lawful Internet content of your choice.”

Hopefully that part alone answers any questions our customers may have about potential impacts of the new rules on your use of our service, but if not, feel free to read on down that page, or ask questions in the comment section at the bottom of this page.  We also did a post a few months ago when the FCC first proposed the new rules which you can read here & still holds true.

Our Cooperative structure of democratic control by the members was on full display last Thursday in Roundup at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Members.  Management presented our 2017 Audit Report and fielded questions from members (including a question on the above Open Internet rule changes).  Three Trustee candidates were nominated as write-ins to fill the District 2 seat that opened after 44 years of service by Trustee Don Kimmel from Flatwillow.  The membership in attendance elected Barb Wacker from the rural Roundup area to that seat, and re-elected Dennis Green and Nick Schultz to 3-year terms in their respective districts.  Reverend Dave Bergeson provided a fitting Invocation and Benediction, and 12 $500 scholarships were awarded to students in attendance.

At every annual meeting we end up with a few attendees who find upon trying to register that they are not actually members of the Cooperative.  You can be a customer – a patron – of the Cooperative and receive services, capital credits, and other benefits without actually being a “Member.”  Customers who subscribe to telephone OR Internet, AND have completed the Membership Application form and been accepted by the Board of Trustees for Membership, get the added benefit of being able to vote in Cooperative elections, and being eligible to be nominated as a Trustee to represent the district in which they reside.  As part of your Membership Application, you also agree to provide right of way to the Cooperative for extending communications facilities.

Not sure if you’re a member?  If you received a 2017 Annual Report in the mail, then you probably are.  If not, and you are interested in becoming a member, give us a call or email  We can check your membership status and get you the short Membership Form to complete if necessary.

2 thoughts on “The Open Internet & Cooperative Membership

  1. Mid-Rivers members and customers – you are so fortunate to have Mid-Rivers as your telecom provider! I wish this was an option in my Silicon Valley home. Erin and the rest of the team, keep up the great work!

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