October is #CoopMonth – #SeeTheFuture

The theme of Co-op Month 2018 this October is "See The Future," which really hits home here at Mid-Rivers.  It can sometimes be hard for members and others to see how the decisions we are making today are setting the stage for a vibrant rural economy in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, but that…Read more October is #CoopMonth – #SeeTheFuture

Meet our Summer Intern!

I want to introduce everyone to a great young lady we have had the honor to work with this summer, Sydney Brost.  Sydney is taking over the Community Conversations Blog today to share with you what she's learned this summer and what it was like working at Mid-Rivers!  We've been blessed to have her and…Read more Meet our Summer Intern!

The Open Internet & Cooperative Membership

To insure compliance with the latest version of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Open Internet Transparency Rules that become effective on June 11, we have updated the Open Internet Disclosure statement on our website.  Our new statement begins with this important opening: "While the legal requirements for an 'Open Internet' may change, our commitment to providing…Read more The Open Internet & Cooperative Membership

Construction Season!

It's officially construction season.  Not just road construction, but fiber construction!  And if you are doing any of your own excavations in yards, fencing projects or any other digging, PLEASE make sure to Call 811 at least two (2) full BUSINESS days before you dig.  You don't want to be the one who cuts off…Read more Construction Season!

Is Anything Still Private?

Hardly a day goes by right now that we don't hear, watch or read about breaches of our privacy.  Facebook's CEO testifying before Congress about his company's use of your data.  Data mining firms who know everything about you.  Tech industry pioneers apologizing for the part they played in where we have ended up, some…Read more Is Anything Still Private?

Investing in Our Communities

Mid-Rivers recently completed our 2017 audit process, the conclusion of which is a presentation of the findings to the Board of Trustees and management.  (The audit report is available for review by the Cooperative's membership in the Circle headquarters office, and a financial report will be presented at the Annual Meeting on May 31 in…Read more Investing in Our Communities

Use Your Powers for Good

The Net Neutrality post from November generated some interest - thanks to everyone who is now following the blog!  I will admit that I have been procrastinating since then on what to talk about, hoping you won't regret having clicked the "follow" button. There is no lack of topics available, as usual we have a…Read more Use Your Powers for Good