Is the US ready for 5G? Nope – not according to Fortune

A good answer to questions you may have about 5G and rural areas.

Blandin on Broadband

I’ve written before about 5G. It’s going to be fast. Although not a standard yet we’re see examples of how it’s working in urban areas. BUT it’s not a realistic option for rural area. I thought I’d share the most recent discussion from Fortune

However, the U.S. is not as well-prepared to capitalize on this opportunity [5G]. The U.S does not currently have sufficient fiber to densify the network with thousands of new small cells and hot spots, increase network capacity, and accommodate the projected four-fold growth in data traffic through 2021. Investment in “deep fiber” pushed closer to the customer could help the U.S. continue to lead in wireless innovation and foster the economic boost generated by 5G.

Investing in fiber will help prepare for 5G and close the urban-rural broadband gap…

Investing in deep fiber as we upgrade our nation’s communications infrastructure creates an opportunity…

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Broadband changes lives. So who is responsible to making sure we all have access?

A great question and a proven answer that is a working model in Eastern Montana as well. We’re not there yet, but we’re making progress every day thanks to the Cooperative model.

Blandin on Broadband

Yesterday I read about Verizon cutting off a lot of power users. Ars Technica reports

Verizon Wireless said it is disconnecting a small group of customers who use vast amounts of data in rural areas where Verizon relies on roaming agreements with smaller network operators.

“Earlier this month we notified a small group of customers who are out of contract and primarily use mobile data on other wireless companies’ networks that we won’t be their service provider after July 30, 2017,” a Verizon spokesperson told Ars today. “This only affects a few people who primarily roam on other networks and does not affect customers who primarily use Verizon’s own network.”

The customers who are affected “are using vast amounts of data—some as much as a terabyte or more a month—outside of our network footprint,” the company said. Verizon gave the customers several weeks’ notice so they have time to…

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Internet Troubles?

Internet service has become so central to people's lives and businesses that yesterday when CenturyLink had a fiber cut (which took them 24 hours to repair), we heard that a few businesses in the area with CenturyLink service had to close their doors and send employees home.  Mid-Rivers has had our share of fiber cuts…Read more Internet Troubles?

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

Without really meaning to, I noticed that I designed the first two posts around the value statements that the Mid-Rivers Board and management recently put together to share with our members and customers.  Originality has never been one of my strong points, so I guess I will continue with that theme today!  Today's value: Attempting…Read more Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!